International Urban Screens Association (IUSA)

Urban Screens transform the capacity of public spaces to serve as a platform for user-generated civic and cultural expression, community building, multiculturalism and public engagment in issues related to social, cultural and environmental sustainability.

Through networking, content sharing and joint broadcasting, they constitute a rapidly expanding and still largely experimental global multimedia infrastructure for commercial and cultural exchange.

The International Urban Screens Association (IUSA) aims to inform and support the ‘worldwide Urban Screens movement’: the expanding use of dynamic digital displays in public spaces; their considerate and sustainable integration in the urban landscape; and the ability for screen communities to collaborate in the digital space to share content, experience, ideas, innovations and emerging possibilities.

The IUSA website aims to serve as the association’s portal to this growing online community, and provide valuable and accurate online resources covering all aspects of the operation and application of Urban Screens. Facilitated by the association, its development is member-driven and as such represents the interests, expertise and activities of our active members.

The Association has been founded in 2008 by Mirjam Struppek and Glenn Harding and launched at the Urban Screens Melbourne Festival in October 2008.