O2-World Facade

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Mühlenstr. 12-30
de- 10243  Berlin
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O2 World, Mühlenstrasse 12-30 – The Giant Screen: The crescent shaped glazed front with a total area of more than 1,440 m2, incorporating 300,000 LED’s of the Arena is probably one of the largest outdoor media installations world-wide. It overlooks a large square with ample public space and faces the river Spree. Three loosely dispersed large format LED screens operate as guidance system and advertising space. The event hall is part of the 180 hectare urban development area “Mediaspree”, which currently is to be transformed into an urban media- and service district. Converted industrial and commercial buildings that are so characteristic of Berlin lie at the banks of the river. The East Side Park is being developed by the district beside the hall – part of the memorial concept of the Berlin Wall.
http:// www.o2-world.de


1. LED facade


The LED construction grid on the facade of the arena is equipped with more than 300,000 LED clusters on a 12 m high and approximately 120 m wide section of the semicircular 105° glass facade with a total area of more than 1,440 m2. Light pixels, consisting of two groups of 19 LEDs (colour palette: 16.7 million RGB colours) will be attached to the vertical bracing of the facade. The vertical distances are 0.20m and the horizontal distances between the axes are planned to be 0.90m.

2. LED big screens

Three big LED screens, so called Marquee Signs, will be placed around the O2 World. The technology for such a large scale is the newest technology available on the market and guarantees optimal quality.

Location / Model / Measurements / Pixel Pitch

Boat ramp at the banks of the Spree / AVL-OD 12 / 4.00 x 10.80 m / 25 mm

Pedestrian bridge at the Warschauer Brücke / AVL-OD 10 / 2.88 x 7.68 m / 20 mm

Arena North side / AVL-OD 15 / 8.40 x 22.56 m / 30 mm


A test phase started on the media facade in the second half of April and continued until the official opening in mid September. The facade and three LED screens can only be provided as advertising space to the partners of the arena and the operators, for example for event notices and can be used as completely video compatible surfaces. At the moment, the first LED screen at the boat ramp on the banks of the Spree is in operation.


The goal of the investors is to turn the O2 World multifunction arena into a Berlin icon for sport and entertainment highlights in Europe’s most creative hotspot with the help of the display and a special content concept. Another aim is to also achieve acceptance among the local population.

“Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Historically, the city is a symbol of courage, freedom and today an image of the new Europe. Berlin is a cultural metropolis and a city of museums, theatres, sports, film and especially music. You always have your finger on the pulse in Berlin. The O2 World increases the pulse rate. A special project with a clear view of the future.”

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'Sonic Parole' by Georg Klein, Media Facades Festival 2008, © Frank HuelsboehmerTrailer, Media Facades Festival 2008, © Frank Huelsboehmer
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