Bewirb du dich 2 agency by R. Shaw, A. Heilgemeir, V. Steininger

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BEWIRB DU DICH 2 AGENCY – Ads for everyone and everywhere

Artists: R. Shaw, A. Heilgemeir, V. Steininger
Locations: Berlin - Wall Terminal, Nightscreen-Gasometer and O2-World Big Screen

BDD2 transforms the city into an advertising screen for everyone: You too should apply!? Actively create your surroundings. To advertise and to be advertised to. The BDD2 Screenmobil is on it’s way to you to produce and broadcast your ads on the spot. You, too, can occupy the Gasometer and send your spot into the night!
During opening night, it stops at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. All of the spots created here will be archived in the City Terminal and can later be accessed individually.

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