Action Research

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The Media Facades Festivals are complexe pilot project operating at the interfaces of the public space and the digital worlds, as well as culture, economy and technology including a lot stakeholders like artists, architects, screensholders, advertising agencies, cultural politicians, new media specialists and universities.
To facilitate and conduct the complexe production process, we adapt the methodology of ’action research’ in a series of communication formats like kick off meetings, workshops, live presentations, round tables, test screenings and panel discussions in an interdisciplinary and collaborative way of planning, intervention and evaluation inluding all partners from the very beginning.

Test Screenings in all participating cities

June to August 2010
Test Screening in Madrid

Through test screenings we test the feasibility of the artists’ projects in terms of interconnectivity, interaction with mobile devices, video encoding, resolution and technology of the different screen and media facade types.

LOOP Barcelona

May 2010
MFF at LOOP Barcelona

Networking via a new urban communication format!

At LOOP Barcelona, the annual unmissable meeting point for video art specialists, Susa Pop, initiator and artistic director of MFF 2010 and Johanna Bruckner, artist of Mobile Dinner presented the Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 at the Media Lounge.

LOOP’s open event is a dynamic and hybrid meeting that adapts to the changing necessities of the different agents involved in the sector, while providing a significant interest of the MFF 2010: Creating an area of diffusion, reflection and marketing of video creation, in which the different actors are actively involved, showing, viewing and managing video art connects the local with international networks, develops the relationship with other artistic disciplines and with the new technologies and their future approaches – creating a stimulating territory of contemporary art in the format of the digital moving image. This reflective aspect not only integrates the MFF 2010 as a landscape of a digital dialog between places and spaces but also with related disciplines - enriching them with the potential of the virtual screen communication as a valuable public ressource, using the digital moving image in the public space for communication, and reflection on the creation of contemporary new media art and the cultural business.

Technological Workshop Budapest

1-2 April 2010
Technological Workshop at KIBU

hosted by Kitchen Budapest

The interconnectivity of all digital screens and media facades of the MFF 2010 are developed as well as the interaction with the media facades through mobile devices like iPhone, digital slingshots etc.

Walk-in Workshop ’Reclaim the Screens!’ at the transmediale.10

5 February 2010
Walk-in Workshop at transmediale.10

hosted by Public Art Lab Berlin in cooperation with Christian Zoellner and Tobias Fischer of VR/urban

With the provocative appeal 'Reclaim the Screens!' this workshop intends to explore the democratic use of media facades and urban screens and present cultural showcases & hacking tools for urban interventions.
For the afternoon session, screensholder and cultural politicians are invited to exchange about the intersections of cultural content / hacking tools for urban screens and economic business models of the screens holders. Basis for this discussion provide the evaluation of the first session.

Round Table during the International MFF 2010 Workshop

4 February 2010
Round Table at CHB

hosted by Public Art Lab Berlin and Eva Emenlauer Blömers, Senate for Economy, Technology and Women / Project Future Berlin

Stakeholders like screens operators, cultural politicians, urban planners, architects and the MFF 2010 curators meet to discuss about the creative-economic business models of curating media facades and urban screens and the European additional value of a connected infrastructure.

International MFF 2010 Workshop in Berlin

2-4 February 2010
International MFF 2010 Workshop in Berlin

hosted by Public Art Lab Berlin and the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB)

During the International Media Facades Festival Workshop 2010, the pre-selected artists’ projects of the partner institutions are presented. In a collaborative process the artists’ projects are matched and allocated to detect the topics for the final programme of the Joint Broadcasting Events from 27 August to 3 October 2010.

Kick off Meeting in Liverpool

12-14 November 2009
Kick off Meeting in Liverpool

hosted by FACT / Liverpool

In this meeting all curators of the partner institutions are met for the first time to develop out of the MFF 2010 concept the following curatorial issues for the artists’ call for proposals:
- Connected screens: one common impulse to all cities
- Community storytelling: citizens’ journalism
- Interaction: reclaim the streets
- Network systems: social computing and networking
- Recontextualise!
The technological interconnectivity of the participating urban screens and media facades was one main topic of the meeting.