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Video Programme curated by Omar Kholeif, FACT


Curated by: Omar Kholeif


We live in a world consumed by I-dents – advertising, sponsors, and avatars. Their ubiquity has signaled a shift in identity politics – binding us together into a digital and virtual culture that finds everyday individuals competing to become part of a streamlined whole. I-dent is a video series that pokes fun at these attitudes through acts of manipulation and transgression. By utilizing platforms traditionally restricted to advertising, such as big screens and large outdoor projection surfaces, the artists in the programme use modern media to twist and subvert I-dents and identities, along with public expectation.

Jeremy Bailey

Your Ad Here (2008)


Ryan Trecartin

(Tommy-Chat Just E-mailed Me) (2006)


Harold Offeh

Alien Communication (1999) 


Takeshi Murata

Monster Movie (2005)


Peggy Ahwesh

Warm Objects (2007)


Max Hattler

Collission (2005)


Craig Mulholland 

Peer to Peer (2008)


Jeremy Bailey

3d Optical Flow Bricolage Pimpin' (.....)


Mobile Dinners by Johanna Bruckner

Johanna Bruckner was born in Vienna, Austria in 1984; she currently researches for a PhD, which explores Visual Cultures in interaction with artistic practice by examining performative urbanism through the screen in digitalized social environments. Her participatory installations/videos investigate new forms of social mobility in the fields of cyber migration, transient spaces, and inter-communication between spatial cartographies, working at the interface between art, society, urbanism and technology. In addition, Bruckner’s new trans-disciplinary work connects biotechnology, experimental architecture and electronic media. A current installation transforms measured energy of plants into a live-sound installation made up of a „quanta-organic” living room pyramid of eco boxes. Represented by Kuma Galerie Berlin; recent screenings: CCCB Centre Cultura Contemporania Barcelona; LOOP Video Art Festival 09; Venezia Contemporanea, 2009.

Mobile Dinners
Mobile Dinners
A European Party by Nika Radic

Nika Radic is an artist and works in different media. Her main topic is the limits of possible communication: what is it that we can really understand in everyday communication but also in art. She has done several works that used facades and walls in public space that opened the wall into an imaginary space beyond. This allowed the viewers to “peep” into the building and see something that is going on inside… even if it was only an illusion.

European Party by Nika Radic
European Party by Nika Radic

VR/Urban is a collective of public media interventionists founded in 2008. Since than they work together in the fields of interaction design and media art. The work of VR/Urban has been exhibited in Boston, Riga and several times in Berlin. The aim of all projects is to reclaim urban screens for the public. In tradition of situative art and graffiti culture, VR/Urban augments existing city structures with interventive and interactive media-art. The core persons behind the VR/Urban group are the media computerscien-/artist Patrick Tobias Fischer and the designer and design researcher Christian Zöllner. The team members are fluid elements of partners and friends in the fields of art, music, design, science and architecture.

SMSlingshot Live
Performance at the White Nights in Riga, 2009

Katrin Schoof has her own product and communication-design label 'gabi-berlin' (www.gabi-berlin.de). In addition to designing for both public and private clients, she continues to develop her work as an artist, using photography and projections as her medium. She has been the visual artist for many theatre & dance productions throughout Europe. "Paradise Panorama" was developed as part of a project with the choreogapher Thomas Lehmen in 2008.

Julian Oliver

Julian Oliver is a New Zealand born artist, teacher, writer and computer programmer based in Berlin, Germany. His work explores artistic game-development, virtual architecture, interface design, augmented reality, data forensics and open source development practices. In 1998 he established the art and games collective, Select Parks, and subsequently became a major figure within artistic game-development, creating several important works in this field, including qthoth (1998-1999), Fijuu2 (2006) and levelHead (2007-2008). His present work focuses on augmented reality as a platform for intervention, interaction and sculptural design. He has exhibited and taught extensively at major forums around the world, including at the Japan Media Art Festival in Tokyo, Ars Electronica in Linz, FACT in Liverpool, the Medialab-Prado, Madrid, FILE in Sao Paulo, Sonar in Bacelona, Tate Britain in London, Arnolfini in Bristol, CIANT in Prague, the Austin Museum of Digital Art in Texas, Lovebytes in Sheffield and PIKSEL in Bergen, amongst others. His work has received several awards in festivals including Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Laval Virtual and the New Zealand Open Source Awards.

Men in Grey by The Men In Grey
Men in Grey by The Men In Grey