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LOOP Barcelona
Logo LOOP Barcelona

LOOP has since its creation in 2003 become an unmissable international meeting point for video art specialists and attracts a huge number of contemporary art professionals to Barcelona.
LOOP is a dynamic, hybrid and open event, adapted to the changing necessities of the different agents involved in the sector. LOOP is now structured around three core sections the FESTIVAL + FAIR + PANEL, which have developed simultaneously and are complementary. They constitute an area of diffusion, reflection and marketing of video creation, in which the different agents are actively involved, showing, viewing and managing video art works, reflecting, creating contacts and making alliances.

LOOP FESTIVAL is also a city project, connecting local networks with international networks. The city’s main museums, art centers and galleries participate as well as various places such as bars, restaurants and other establishments, bringing art close to the general public.

LOOP exists thanks to the generous involvement, the numerous collaborations and the complicity with artists, curators, galleries, universities, art centers, distributors, collectors and different platforms, showing their work and their discoveries, and transforming Barcelona city center into a huge video art showcase, accessible to all kind of audiences.


Transmediale Logo

transmediale presents and pursues the advancement of artistic positions reflecting on the socio-cultural, political and creative impact of new technologies, network practices and digital innovation. As a festival aiming to define the contours of contemporary digital culture, it seeks out artistic practices that not only respond to scientific or technical developments, but that shape the way in which we think about and experience the technologies which impact virtually all aspects of our daily lives. As such, transmediale understands media technologies as cultural and aesthetic techniques that need to be embraced in order to comprehend, critique, and shape global societies.

The festival includes exhibitions, competitions, conferences, film and video programmes, live performances and a publication series called 'transmediale parcours'. Moreover it cooperates with club transmediale (CTM), which deals with electronic music and club culture.

Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 has been invited as an excellent showcase for new artistic practices at the intersection of arts, public culture and economy.
transmediale.10 hosted a public workshop about the 'cultural potentials of media facades' within the Free Culture Incubator programme.


Kulturprojekte Berlin
Logo Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH

KulturProjekte Berlin is a not-for-profit organisation that works for the promotion, networking and mediation of art and culture. They create and manage cultural schemes and initiatives in and around Berlin, fund venues and festivals, and offer administrative services to the city’s museums and other cultural institutes. Their cultural education department acts as a forum for discussion and coordination of events, projects and people in Berlin’s creative industries. The state-funded Berlin Project-Fund for Cultural Education plays an instrumental role in this process and helps to support long term partnerships between educational and cultural institutions.


Kulturprojekte Berlin organises the Long Night of the Museums.
This event has long been a highlight in the Berlin calendar, attracting a loyal following of locals, as well as visitors from all corners of the globe. Museums and galleries across the city open their doors late into the night, offering guests an all-you-can-see buffet-style evening of exhibitions, guided tours and special events. A special shuttle bus service operates on several different routes, allowing you to visit even the most out-of-the-way attractions.


Upgrade! Berlin
Upgrade! Berlin Logo

Upgrade! Berlin was initiated in Berlin by Public Art Lab in 2006. This event series is part of a large international network of different nodes in various countries in Europe, the United States, South America and Africa. The Upgrade! International network exists since 2009, with the aim of showcasing and producing artistic projects which reflect on media arts and digital culture. Upgrade! Berlin is organized as a nomadic event series, hosted by different venues. Each event is a unique opportunity to meet a broad range of people, get to know latest developments in media arts and discovering new and exciting places in the city.

Upgrade! Berlin is organised by Ela Kagel - with the strong support of the transmediale Festival for Art and Digital Culture.


media.net berlinbrandenburg
Media.net  BerlinBrandenburg Logo

media.net berlinbrandenburg is the cross-sectoral business association of the creative industries in the capital region – ranging from music, film, TV and multimedia to advertising and design.
media.net gets actively involved: Initiated in 2000 by Bernd Schiphorst, then Media Representative for the states of Berlin and Brandenburg and Chairman of the media.net Board of Directors, the network has been serving as a gateway to politics from the very beginning. Today, media.net cooperates with institutions, associations and opinion leaders from business, research and culture to improve regional economic conditions.
media.net keeps you informed and connected: media.net studies and surveys focus on members’ current issues and business needs. Events offer practice-oriented professional development and valuable contacts.
media.net keeps on growing: With more than 230 members the network includes major global companies such as Universal Music Entertainment, UFA Film & TV Production and the Scholz & Friends Group as well as young start-ups such as Aka-Aki and hiogi.


tschk!talks Logo

tschk!talks is an event series hosted once a month in Berlin, Germany - A platform for ideas, projects and alternative concepts of life
tschk!talks combines two short talks with a friendly atmosphere in the heart of Kreuzberg. From film and photography to digital vandalism, from art and media to the history of beards – tschk! presentations cover a wide range of personal passions, professions and vocations.


Reality Remixed: Marzahn inside-out
Reality Remixed: Marzahn inside-out

Students from Wilhelm-von-Siemens-Gymnasium have been collecting sounds and images inside Marzahn’s famous prefab concrete tower blocks, creating a media archive of their own reality. Using the tower blocks as an urban screen in combination with a multi-channel speaker system, this participatory community project turns the buildings themselves inside-out, culminating in an audiovisual performance lead by an MP3-player-based urban game. Reality Remixed serves as a platform for young people from Berlin-Marzahn to explore and challenge different perceptions of reality.

Directors: Alexandre Decoupigny, Emily C. Völker
Time/Date: 11 September, 20:00 – 22:00
Location: Murtzaner Ring 29/31, 12681 Berlin-Marzahn
Funders: Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung
Collaboration partners: Wilhelm-von-Siemens Gymnasium, Europäische Medienwissenschaft (EMW), Media Facades Festival 2010 (MFF)


MMX Open Art Venue e.V.
Logo MMX Open Art Venue e.V.

MMX open art venue is an artist run, non-profit space that will exist for one year in Berlin’s commercial gallery street Linienstraße in Mitte.

Started by four friends: Berlin based photographer Jonathan Gröger, artist Rebecca Loyche from New York, artist Daniel Wilson from Canada, Philip Eggersglüß and Jason Burgess makes up the team.

MMX occupies the ground floor and surrounding garden area of one of the last untouched, unrenovated buildings left on Linienstraße.

The art space transformed out of a squatted dilapidated building into one of Berlin’s most popular alternative art scenes overnight.

With a concentration on presenting talented but underexposed art throughout the +1000sqm that MMX occupies with it’s several gallery rooms, video screening room, a music venue space, a back courtyard, and one of the only front gardens in the district. MMX strives to bring people and art together by presenting exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, musical and dance performances, and unique weekly events.