Empathic State Building

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Patterns for Empathic State Building
Artist Titel: 
Mattia Casalegno

Mattia Casalegno (It) is a new media artist whose works are driven by constant research on relations and connections linking fields of information (in-forms, to give form), biology (bio-logos, discourse on living) and ecology (in the batesonian term), pointing on the centrality of code as a tool and metaphor of his poetic.

Co-founder of the project Kinotek, a seminal VJing and new media group collective based in Rome, Mattia has taken part in many international festivals. Upon moving to Brussels, he got involved in several productions for Villa Eugenie and Cimatics (BE). He is currently attending the Design | Media Arts graduate program at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Empathic State Building

ESB is an interactive game by which meanings of cooperation, entanglement and collective consciousness are directly perceived on a physiological level. EEG-electrodes are to be mounted on the head of two players in order to assess their mental state. The players’ brain activities are rendered on real time as visual elements on the media facade behind them. By forcing themselves in an emphatic relation, they will influence the narration of the imagery.