At Hand by Heidi Tikka

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At Hand

At Hand is an interactive piece designed for touch screens in public space.
The project is about urban gestures, micro spaces of the street and the possibility of encountering otherness. European flow of migration is its starting point, specifically the recent appearance of beggars in Helsinki's city spaces. How should we encounter and respond to the new gestures of plea directed towards us?
The project explores the experiential and expressive possibilities of multi-user touch interaction via an orchestration of intimate close-ups of gesturing hands and the dynamics of the touch interface. It is custom designed for the MultiTouch screen technology and will be presented on the CityWall interactive screen installed at Lasipalatsi in the centre of Helsinki.

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Heidi Tikka

Heidi Tikka is a media artist and researcher whose work explores the interfaces between affect and technology, the private and the public. Her work has been shown internationally. Heide was the first recipient of the AVEK Media Art award (2004) and the Prix Möbius Nordica Innovation award (2005).
The project At Hand is produced for the Media Facades 2010 festival in collaboration with m-cult and MultiTouch ltd. It is co-produced by the Crucible studio, University of Art and Design / software designer Teemu Korpilahti. Its development is supported by a grant from the Aalto University Media Factory.

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Helsinki Lasipalatsi square / Projections 26. 08. 2010 21:00
Helsinki Lasipalatsi square / Projections 27. 08. 2010 20:00 - 21:00
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