European Citi(zen)s by Kitchen Budapest (KIBU)

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European Citi(zen)s with child's eyes

How do cities and citizens look like in the eyes of a child? What differences are there when described by an adult or a child? What do kids find important in a city? KIBU will show you in an interactive animation.
Kitchen Budapest is currently making a workshop for 4-6 year-old children and imaging cities and citizens in drawings together. After the workshops, these drawings will provide the basis for the development of the visuals (figures) and movements.
The project based on the Animata software, real-time animation software for live performances: the movement of the audience will animate virtual puppets to move in the same way.

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Kitchen Budapest (KIBU)

Kitchen Budapest, opened in June 2007, is a medialab for young researchers who are interested in the convergence of mobile communication, online communities and urban space and are passionate about creating experimental projects in cross-disciplinary teams. We are working in groups on cultural projects that based on technology from the software developing through the design prototypes till the interactive installations. Our researchers are coming to KIBU from different background: programers, designers, video artists, architects, engineers, vj-s and dj-s, and social scientist share their ideas with the community and work together. KIBU founded by Hungarian Telekom.

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Berlin Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) 10. 09. 2010 21:30
Budapest Street projection in front of KIBU 26. 08. 2010 20:30