We are the people, this is the place by FACT Liverpool and m-cult Heslinki

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We are the people, this is the place

Liverpool's famous community media project tenantspin co-produces a project for Media Facades festival with local residents in Helsinki and Liverpool.

The project is realized via workshops focusing on local people's conceptions of normality and citizenship. It is led by artist Alex Harrison together with community programme leader Laura Yates and tenantspin members Ian McNeill and Lucy Gonzales.

In May 18-24, tenantspin 2010 conducted the first workshop in Kontula, Eastern Helsinki, with participants of the Symppis community centre. After Kontula, a workshop with the same issues will be realised in Liverpool's Anfield/Breckfield. The resulting programmes build a bridge between two neighbourhoods and will premiere during the Media Facades 2010 festival.


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FACT Liverpool and m-cult Heslinki

The two co-organisers of the festival realized the workshops.

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Berlin Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) 03. 09. 2010 21:00
Helsinki Various projections in Helsinki 26. 08. 2010 21:30 - 21:45
Helsinki Lasipalatsi square / Projections 03. 09. 2010 21:30 - 21:45
Liverpool FACT Facades 02. 09. 2010 00:00 - 23:00