Reality Remixed by Alexandre Decoupigny and Emily C. Völker

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Reality Remixed

Students from Wilhelm-von-Siemens-Gymnasium have been collecting sounds and images inside Marzahn’s famous prefab concrete tower blocks, creating a media archive of their own reality. Using the tower blocks as an urban screen in combination with a multi-channel speaker system, this participatory community project turns the buildings themselves inside-out, culminating in an audiovisual performance lead by an MP3-player-based urban game. Reality Remixed serves as a platform for young people from Berlin-Marzahn to explore and challenge different perceptions of reality.

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Alexandre Decoupigny and Emily C. Völker

Emily C. Völker (Lilly Lotus) is a moving image artist and creative director currently residing, working, and studying in Berlin. She has created videos. VJ-ed and run workshops for the BBC, tenantspin FACT, A MAZE.,Tate Liverpool, Mercy, and many other organisations, bands, and artist collectives. As a community artist she has been designing and directing a diversity of participatory projects since 2002. Her work has been shown at Elektronentoto and Lab.30. At the moment she is doing a very exciting MA in European & Experimental Media Studies at Potsdam Universtiy, which, surprisingly has a lot to do with Quantum Physics.

Alexandre Decoupigny is a sound artist and musician, whose strength lies in the diversity of his output and his poetic imagery. His practice includes audio-walks, installations and performances based on what he defines as sound and social-practice. He created and showed his work at NGBK Berlin, FACT Liverpool, The Bluecoat Arts Centre, MNK Midt Nordisk Kunst Festival, Sonic Arts Expo. Alexandre has held workshops and worked in Art, Music and Community related project since 1999. In his music he regularly tours with his one man electro folk band The Plastic Bags.

Participating Students from Wilhelm-von-Siemens Gymnasium:
Jeanette Bollich, Dinh Thi Phuong Anh (aka Philly), Nils Berliner, Nadja Ganser Alexej Braun, David Albrecht, Jenny Gellner, Julia Brychzy, Felix Gaarz, Advije Blakqori, Philipp Reibert, Astrid Sirith Ernst, Steven Rathmann

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Berlin Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) 11. 09. 2010 20:30